Yan Sheung Kee’s Coconut Milk

Coconut Milk
Qionghai Zhongyuan Yan Sheung Kee (Ming Kee) Coconut & Spices Company Limited imports all the coconuts from coconut farms in different South Easy Asia Countries which included Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines etc. Each coconut has to passed various tests by the company’s advance technology testing equipment before going into the production line. By ensuring the best quality of the raw material, all products had been approved by the Safety & Health administrative departments of China & most countries worldwide.
Beside Coconut Milk
Beside Coconut Milk, Yan Sheung Kee has also different varieties of products which include oriental & western spices. These products were supplied to a lot of wine & dine industries with strict requirements. Since the close cooperation and the connection with these farms within south East Asia has already been well established, the high quality of the raw material can remains its stability. Additionally, the management of cost control has made Yan Sheung Kee product becomes a “value for money” product. All these points have secured the profitability of all our customers in the food industries and had been well appreciated by them.